Solid wood furniture hand carving and artificial carving difference


Machine carved out of the look more rigid, consistent with the depth, it is very rules, the lack of exquisite embossed feel, three-dimensional sense is not strong. Manual relief of the more flexible approach, the line ups and downs stretch, feel the depth of the cause, rugged, the overall picture is full of three-dimensional, especially in the carved form is not the rules of the advantages of the object

more obvious. In addition, some from the plane of the three-dimensional sculpture graphics, and only by hand carving can be done, only limited to the computer production "pattern" of the mechanical carving

Engraved technology, always unable to simulate.

Second, look carefully

As the carving products are computer graphics software to depict the original, and then by the automatic engraving machine output, so the details of the neat and uniform, uniform size, does not look any different. Moreover, the machine carving technology is only suitable for precision in the plane to do the relief, through the carving, can not do three-dimensional round carving and multi-layer transparent carving, resulting in the screen will look stiff and angry. On the contrary, hand-carved will be more refined and creative, drop the edge of the line does not guarantee the thickness of uniform, lifelike,

Full of tension, full of dynamic and vitality.

Third, feel the mass production of machine carving works can only be said to be "goods", and in the carving master uncompromising attention under the works, can be regarded as "art". In the factory production line mode, each piece of furniture through different mechanical processing procedures, in accordance with the fixed template mass production, and finally polished to the market. And hand-carved works from beginning to end are from the hands of craftsmen, made out of solid wood furniture condensation of craftsmen's mind, effort and emotion. Solid wood furniture technology is very elegant, every place with a very reasonable, machine carved out of the product is difficult to achieve the process of hand carving, carved out of the carved shape, no soul. Solid wood furniture is concerned about the natural craft, not a trace of abrupt, represents a transcendent natural temperament, to that is the kind of free and easy, and machine carving

But not achieve such a result. Although the machine can improve efficiency and reduce costs, but also the lack of furniture, the soul.